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The Concept

Wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These are five elements that reflect the balance essential parts of life, and Vasanti Kuta Hotel adopts these elements as a concept behind incarnation of this boutique hotel that offers more than just a luxury accommodation.

Each of those five elements above, has its own unique characteristic. And Vasanti Kuta Hotel combines each of its positive energy to serves the best for our guests.

Those positive energies is as follow:

  • Wood energy is rising and expanding, referring to the birth and growth of Vasanti Kuta Hotel
  • Fire is the element of heat and enthusiasm, representing our dynamic and energetic team
  • Earth is the element of abundance, it’s a symbol of our service and duty to ensure luxury
  • Metal has structure but adaptable to new form, picturing our strong determination, confidence and willpower to be the leader of up-to-date boutique hotel
  • As the source of life, water has the capacity to flow which showing that our team have a remarkable aptitude in serving the best for our guests